Welcome back to our channel guys! We decided to take you guys on an adventure around Austin and Wimberley, TX. Hope you guys enjoy and please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!

First Stop:
1. Jo’s Coffee, located in the heart of Austin. One of the most visited coffee shops for their famous Mural “I Love You So Much”. Definitely would recommend!
2. Triforks Food Truck, located in Wimberley, Texas. Locals stated was one of the best food trucks in the area!
3. Jacob’s Well, 120 feet deep well. Nice for a swim. Swimming starts May 1 -September 31st.
4. Hamilton’s Pool: Natural Pool with a 50 ft waterfall flowing through. Usually cannot swim after heavy rains , so you should always check call their info line at 512-264-2740

Next Day:

5. Pueblo Viejo Food Truck, One of Austins best taco trucks! You can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the Cosmic, with other food trucks also in the area! This is a great spot! 10/10
6. Cafe’ No Se’ , if you’re looking for an instagrammble pic , this is a place to go to in South Congress (SoCo).
7. 360 Overlook Bridge (otherwise known as Pennybacker Bridge) Lets take a 10 min hike! The awesome view at the top will allow you to see downtown, scenic hills, and of course Lake Austin!

Last Day

8.Paper Boy Food Truck, if you looking for a spot for brunch, this is definitely a must. Located in 1112 E. 12th St , Austin , TX

9. Manana Coffee: also located in the same vicinity as Cafe’ No Se’ in SoCo. If you love lattes , this is a place to try!
Hope y’all enjoy these spots as much as we did !

More info on Austin Travel Guide I Come explore with us!

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