Pat Idle-American Idles,Trashcan Baptism,Drugstore Cowboys,Bryan Spainhower 2minute sinatra,Backstage Suicide. Johnny Larson-Johnny Law,Drama Queen,20 Dollar Vibe,Jagger. Billy Chainsaw-Dropkick,Agony Column,Hellapeno,The Lifters. Paul Sleeze-Backstage Suicide,Jesus Christ Superfly…….. The G.S.C is a ragtag bunch of mutherfuckers from South Austin who want nothing more than to play some rock n roll for ya. Rag Tag and Ragged have you ever prayed for Johnny Thunders to be moved from purgatory to heaven, did you want to pull the needle off your record player after the first time you heard Young Loud and Snotty and stick it in your neck? Have you ever found yourself drinking at the bus stop at Montopolis and Ben White with the dogs on a friday night? Then we are the band for you welcome to the CLUB!!!!…

CapZeyeZ Digital Media
Producer: David Prewitt

More info on The Gentlemen’s Social Club LIVE at The Red Eyed Fly, Austin, Tx. 4/28/2007

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