An angry taxi driver has a confrontation with a passenger. Written and Directed by Irshad James.

Ricardo Johnson
Matt Speck
Anne Marie Fraley
Sameer Al Sheikh
Irshad James

Irshad James: Director, Writer, Producer
Erik Lasko: Cinematographer, Assistant Director, Sound, Lighting, Editing
“No Shame (feat. Absurd)”
“To be Near You”
“The Diaries of MC VC (pg. 2)”
– Sufi and Kyuu of the Lit Match Clik

– Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons


“Goldberg Variations Bwv. 988 Variation 25”
– Johann Sebastian Bach

Special Thanks To:
Pasadena Taxi – Houston, Texas, USA
Elliott Dew – Computer Technician, Austin, Texas, USA
JD’s Market – Austin, Texas, USA
Graphics Guys – Austin, Texas, USA

More info on TYLER’S TAXI – A Short Film – TRAILER – 4K – 2160p

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