Sam and Lou hit the streets to uncover as many short films as they can in this episode of SHORT FILM COPS

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  • Wrong Cops (2013) - Rotten Tomatoes

    WRONG COPS is Quentin Dupieux's 3rd movie produced by Realitism Films. It is a filthy 90 minutes comedy about some disturbed cops. It is not a sequel to WRONG. Quentin Dupieux is just lazy with ...

  • Troops (film) - Wikipedia

    Troops is a 1997 short mockumentary film directed by Kevin Rubio that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con International on July 18, 1997 and was subsequently distributed via the internet.The film is a parody of COPS, set in the Star Wars universe. In the film, Imperial stormtroopers from the infamous Black Sheep Squadron patrolling the Dune Sea on the planet Tatooine run into some very familiar ...

  • Star Cops - Wikipedia

    Star Cops is a British science fiction television series first broadcast on BBC2 in 1987. It was devised by Chris Boucher, a writer who had previously worked on the science fiction television series Doctor Who and Blake's 7 as well as crime dramas such as Juliet Bravo and Bergerac.Set in the year 2027, a time where Interplanetary travel has become commonplace, it starred David Calder as Nathan ...

  • Film - Videos on Veehd

    Another Heaven (2000) Japanese Horror/Sci-Fi - English Subtitles - Ultimate-Japanese-Collection-divx THANKS FOR THE GIFT - Two hard-boiled Tokyo cops are investigating a gruesome murder. After killing the victim - the murderer cut his skull open and cooked his brain in a stew. As...

  • 2018 Film Festival Lineup | SXSW Conference & Festivals

    The SXSW Film Festival lineup features high caliber and diverse films — programming ranges from independent films by new filmmakers to Hollywood comedies and genre standouts. For nine days in March, creatives of all stripes gather for the acclaimed SXSW Film Festival Program to celebrate raw ...

  • Keystone Cops | Disappearing Idioms

    But beyond any single actor, actress, or film, Mack Sennett is most remembered today for the antics of his beloved Keystone Cops, a troupe of officers of the law who appeared numerous times in his films.

  • Alan Smithee - IMDb

    'Alan Smithee' is a common pseudonym for directors whose film was clearly taken away from her/him and recut heavily against her/his wishes in ways that completely altered the film.

  • Thriller and Suspense Films -

    Espionage/Spy Film Thrillers: A sub-genre of the thriller/suspense film is the espionage/spy film which can be in the form of a drama, melodrama, comedy, or a good-humored action thriller, set either during wartime or in the Cold War Era. The spy film was most popular during the 1960s when the Cold War was in evidence, and audiences demanded more action/thriller-suspense pictures.

  • Some Folks Call It A Sling Blade - PART 1 - YouTube

    George Hickenlooper directs the short that inspired Billy Bob Thornton's screenplay and feature film Sling Blade.

  • 13 Arresting Facts About Cops | Mental Floss

    To get an idea of how long producer John Langley has been assigning camera crews to film "on location with the men and women of law enforcement," think about this: When Cops premiered on Fox on ...

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