The zombie apocalypse finally dies down and now it’s time for Zombie Corey and Zombie Ted to climb the ladder of corporate America. Naturally, being accepted as an equal will be a long slow ascension, but long slow ascensions are right up their alley.


Directed by Wes Evans
Produced by Todd Sapio
Makeup by Elissa Marie
Zombie Corey – Wes Evans
Zombie Ted – Todd Sapio
Randall – Dave Jasmon
Bill – Andre Bradford
Derrick – Aaron Alexander
Carmen – Lola Laymon
Zombie Victim – Scott Graham
Apocalypse Hero – Sean Hill
Zombies – Justin Kauffman
Alyssa Scavetta
Chris Belso
Joanna Dunn
Paul Swanson
Tara McAdams
Sarah Oehrlein
Camera Operators – John Clark
Shannon Cook
Wes Evans
Todd Sapio
Aaron Alexander
Sound Mixing – Todd Sapio
Edited by – Wes Evans
Visual Effects – Wes Evans
Joe Howes

Icarus Burning Productions is a small indie film production company based in Austin, TX. Comedy/drama/action short films, mini-documentaries, music videos and more. Subscribe for weekly content!

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