We test both man and machine as we embark on our most difficult to make video yet!

In this video we not only conclude one of our most fun builds yet, but we also take on an incredible and dangerous feat of driving this sketchy homemade amphibious vehicle across Lake Texoma in hopes of crossing from Texas to Oklahoma only using the amphibious go kart! Previously we made a floating go kart using only a paddle board and a bunch of go power sports parts with big aspirations, and after adding a 1963 Evinrude Lightwin motor, we knew it was possible! Thank you guys so much for watching and sticking with us through this journey and we are super excited for whats to come!

MUSIC -Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

INTRO SONG- https://andrewapplepie.bandcamp.com/track/jimmi


Rack and Pinion – https://www.gopowersports.com/go-kart-steering-kit-complete/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Wheels and Tires- https://www.gopowersports.com/5-floater-wheel-assembly-with-5-8-sealed-bearings-2-pack/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Springer Spindles – https://www.gopowersports.com/springer-spindles/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Weld on pre-bent bar – https://www.gopowersports.com/two-seat-side-restraints-12/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Engine Mount Plate – https://www.gopowersports.com/engine-mount-2/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Chain, Clutch, and Engine – https://www.gopowersports.com/6-5-hp-212cc-predator-engine-with-clutch-and-chain/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

Throttle Cable – https://www.gopowersports.com/universal-throttle-cable-60-long/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video

++++GPS- http://www.gopowersports.com/?utm_source=YOUTUBE&utm_campaign=Build_Break_Repeat&utm_medium=Video



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