You don’t have to leave the country to take a safari; just head to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio, home to more than 500 wild animals.

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    After lunch the smart thing to do is to take a powernap in order to gain some extra strength for the Nile perch nightshift. But I don’t sleep. My restless mind led me back to the riffles.

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    DONALD bOUSCHOR July 11, 2014. I live in MI whitetail country. Am 82 years old – Korean War vet and have fired everything the Army had from take cannons to all the weapons that were hand carried.

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    White-throated Kingfishers are common in Bharatpur (Iain Campbell) Days 3-4: Bharatpur area. We will have two full days to explore areas both within and around the reserve In wet years it is likely we may not need to travel much beyond the borders of the reserve, as a myriad of pools will bring literally thousands of birds and their attendant predators (such as a high number of raptors) into ...

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