The fragmentation of traditional media has required brands to invent a new kind of storytelling. Some of these elements we already know: storytelling is now more social, more mobile and more visual. But a new frontier of storytelling is also emerging. Enter “hyper-growth” startup brands that use that special combination –audience data, and unique narratives– to beat out well-established, better funded competitors. As Megan Cunningham found in her research, “The power of a well-told story distributed in a strategic way can change minds and overturn industries; and the playbook is being written today.”

Carbon is disrupting manufacturing in the way that Tesla disrupted the auto industry. Meet Dara Treseder, Carbon’s first CMO. She’s a marketing leader whose time at GE, Apple, and Goldman prepared her for the challenge of a lifetime: putting a B2B tech brand on the map in a mainstream way, virtually overnight. Watch Cunningham of Magnet Media (and author of The State of the Story and The Art of the Documentary) discuss how their approach cut through the most cluttered media moment to put Riddell helmet and Adidas sneaker products, powered by Carbon, at the center of the conversation.

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