The legislation would prevent farmers making less than k a year from selling leftover crops, save for canned cucumbers.

More info on ‘Pickle Bill’ could make life hard for small business owners in Texas

  • 'Pickle Bill' could make life hard for small business owners in Texas

    'Pickle Bill' could make life hard for small business owners in Texas ... Why I Moved from Liberal California to Conservative Texas (Career, Family ... Expert warns Australia could turn into slums ...

  • State Highway 183 Meeting

    The Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce hosted an event where business people could get updates on the reconstruction of State Highway 183.

  • Texas Says 'Pickles' Only Come From Cucumbers. So This ...

    Texas Says 'Pickles' Only Come From Cucumbers. So This Couple's Farm Went Out of Business. Anita and Jim McHaney are suing to overturn "preposterous" regulations on cottage food production.

  • Could Ann Richards help Gov. Greg Abbott out of his ...

    Then-Gov. Rick Perry forced lawmakers to come back in July to fix the problem and make sure Texas could build and maintain roads. The session lasted just two days.

  • Policy Agenda | Small Business Majority

    Small Business Majority has created a policy agenda that will promote a thriving economy and increase prosperity for all. Our agenda includes short and long-term recommendations that can be enacted at the national, state and local levels and focuses on seven key areas: access to capital, healthcare, retirement and other portable benefits, entrepreneurship and the freelance economy, supporting ...

  • Texas Food - Texas Made Foods & Texas Gifts

    Start your party Texas style! Treat your guests to a variety of appetizers ranging from candied jalapenos to hot & spicy pickles.

  • Texas law puts protective umbrella over debtors | Money ...

    Creditors going after Texas debtors have a hard time seizing core components of their wealth, including homes and wages. ... Texas law puts protective umbrella over debtors ... Life insurance ...

  • MoneyWatch Small Business News, Headlines and Video - CBS News

    The latest MoneyWatch Small Business news, headlines, stories, photos, and video from CBS News. ... it can be hard to plan for the future -- here's how to make it easier ... More than two-thirds ...

  • Stream Navigation Law - The Navigation Right

    Texas Attorney General’s Opinion S-208 (1956) concluded that the general public is authorized to walk down the dry or submerged bed of a navigable stream—even if its bed is privately owned by virtue of the Small Bill (Article 5414a, R.C.S.)—for the purpose of seining and fishing in water holes in the bed of the river.

  • Handling Water-Damage Claims - Texas Department of Insurance

    Know the location of water valves. Make sure everyone knows where the main valve is located and how to turn the water off. Monitor utility bills. An unusually high water bill could signal a water leak. Turn off water before traveling. Turn the water off at the main valve or directly on major appliances.

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