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Grading and spreading stone on my parents driveway

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  • My good deed for the day -

    I feel better for having stuck up for someone today - at the same time, who would do that? Should they be driving? What was your good deed for the day? 05/14/2019 18:19 Subject: Re:My good deed for the day. Anonymous: And what is the pedestrian supposed to do with all this info? ... I think it was a good deed. Good for you OP! Maybe nothing ...

  • 10 Good Deed Ideas That You Can Do Today! | RemedyGrove

    10 Good Deed Ideas That You Can Do Today! Updated on June 27, 2017. ... Good deeds have the double benefit of helping the intended recipient—and making the doer feel good, as well. What is a good deed? Well, it's the simple act of doing something kind for someone else, an animal, or the Earth. I'm not sure how many people would add those last ...

  • My good deed for today | Uber Drivers Forum

    in between a couple of jobs today I logged on and ping, pickup a nice bloke from another country in the CBD. Started trip, destination was Muppet HQ, I asked why are you going there? He replied to become a driver. My reply was, ARE YOU FOR REAL? He relied yes theres good money to be made. Now the fun started and I raised the following: ANB GST ...

  • Hello everyone. What was your good deed for today?

    I put my 13 year old dog down today. I know he was in a hospice care situation, but he’s been doing really well these past few months. He started acting weird and just progressively got worse in the span of 2 hours. This happened about midnight last night. I woke my baby up, put my dog in the car and got us to the vet’s office.

  • My good deed for today. - Album on Imgur

    My good deed for today. 7. That's deep, man. 6. Calorie-free karma. Wrong shop to rob. Believe in yourself and whatnot. She asked for it. 18 'Reality Crashes The Party' makes a good point. 50. A Friday Afternoon Dump To Lighten Your Day. Science Teacher Captures the Attention and Imagination of Her Students. I'm calling Thanos.

  • My good deed for today. - Chit-Chat - Long Island Firearms

    Page 1 of 3 - My good deed for today. - posted in Chit-Chat: So I had to drop my truck off for brakes this morning. I threw my bike in the back, dropped it off and rode home. Going down my block I saw a small suv going about 5 mph with it's hazards on. An elderly woman driving it.She stopped in the middle of the road and i went up to her and she asked me if I knew where such&such street was.I ...

  • My Good Deed For Today -

    The word deed is often used to describe acts of charity but an action doesn’t have to be good to be called a deed — people go to jail for their criminal deeds. Either way, a deed is something done on purpose. It could be difficult, as anyone who after breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend later told friends, "I did the deed," will know.

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    And even how that police officer acted today was a great part of the story ( to me) It made by day. Until the afternoon came and my Mom got sick and took all the positive out of the day. Well, took some of it out. Your story was unique at least. There are lots of good people who do good things everyday and don't mention it.

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