QOTV: Do you like hot sauce? What’s your favorite?

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  • Spicy - definition of spicy by The Free Dictionary

    Define spicy. spicy synonyms, spicy pronunciation, spicy translation, English dictionary definition of spicy. adj. spic·i·er , spic·i·est 1. Having the flavor, aroma, or quality of spice. 2.

  • Spicy | Definition of Spicy by Merriam-Webster

    And if this spicy drink isn't exactly your cup of tea, don't fret! — Jessica Leigh Mattern, Country Living, "Hallmark Released a 'Countdown to Christmas' Tea and We Need a Cup Now," 28 Oct. 2018 Hot stone bowls arrive full of spicy meats and stews.

  • Vlogmas 2018 - dzień 3

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  • Spicy | Define Spicy at Dictionary.com

    The gardeners were busy with the flower beds around the fountain, and the freshly turned earth smelled sweet and spicy. Read ‘The King in Yellow,’ the ‘True Detective’ Reference That’s the Key to the Show. Robert W. Chambers. February 20, 2014. Historical Examples. of spicy.

  • Spice - Wikipedia

    A spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are the leaves, flowers, or stems of plants used for flavoring or as a garnish. Many spices have antimicrobial properties.

  • Spicy Synonyms, Spicy Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

    The sausage remained on the table, thick and spicy and brown. The reeking smells of the Chinese quarter were spicy to him. Do I understand you to say, Berryman, that you don't enjoy a spicy book? The wind that fanned his face was filled with the spicy odors of the sea. They were nice folks; but they had spicy tempers, some of them.

  • Spicy J | Largest collection of Spicy J videos

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  • Spicy-Sweet Roasted Sweet Potatoes - Spicy Southern Kitchen

    Spicy-Sweet Roasted Sweet Potatoes make a healthy side dish that’s packed full of flavor. They’re coated in a spice mixture that is both sweet and spicy and then roasted in a hot oven until brown and crispy.

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