Finally Eating At A Conveyor Belt Sushi Bar in Austin, TX | Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Hello Everyone!

I have been wanting to integrate more food vlogs and food-related videos onto my channel for a while now. While this is a lifestyle channel, I wanted to narrow down my niche and if I had to pick one niche that I am passionate about and could talk about forever, it would be food. I love everything that food stands for and its ability to bring people together. I love the culture behind a cuisine and every dish has its own unique history.

It is because of this reason, I wanted to start doing food vlogs again and exploring the types of foods around me.

In this video, I check out Kura Revolving Sushi Bar here in Austin, TX. I have heard about conveyor belt sushi or train sushi bars ever since I was younger but never had the chance to actually try one. This restaurant is so fun and unique, I thought I would check it out with you guys!

I forgot to mention this in the video but this Kura Sushi is actually a very affordable restaurant and has very reasonable prices! Every plate on the conveyor belt is only .25 and there were no items that were over on the menu screen. Our entire meal came out to be less than , which I feel is a great deal for sushi!

I also love that everything is served in small portions so you can try more things!

Some of the sushi and food we had were:
• Toro Nigiri
• Uni Nigiri
• Tuna Jalapeño Nigiri
• Garlic Ponzu Tuna
• Shrimp Stuffed Avocado (not seen in video)
• Seared Scallops Japanese Mayo Nigiri
• Negitoro Nigiri (Minced Toro and Scallions)
• Japanese Poke Bowl
• Warabi Mochi
• Fried Chicken
• Japanese style soy milk donuts
• Hokkaido Milk Creamy Tart
• Cream Anmitsu

I hope you enjoyed this video and find it helpful!

Thanks so much for watching! I hope to see you in my next video! ❤️

Quynh Pham

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