This is part two of my series on Austin, Texas!

Austin is well known for its tech scene, art, music, craft beer and crazy bats that live under bridges (seriously). It also has a great food scene – join me as I eat as much as I can in 24 hours!

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Video notes:

1) Counter 3. FIVE. VII. A bit of an awkward name (it’s supposed to represent the 3, 5 and 7 course tasting menus that are available) but that was just about the only thing that was awkward about the meal. We had a secret , 3 course happy hour meal that was absolute delight. Rarely do we have creativity, technical execution and delicious taste (along well crafted cocktails and warm customer service) come together for .

2) Amy’s Ice Cream – serving creamy, interesting flavored ice cream for over 33 years. Even though it has some rad flavors, I still found myself loving their Mexican Vanilla flavor. You can mix and match all sorts of toppings for tons of texture and flavor combinations. They even had a Jiggypuff flavor during the Pokemon Go craze!

3) Home Slice Pizza. Wow – what? This is a drunk person’s dream. Since the restaurant is so busy, you can walk up to the window and order a fresh slice from the street. They serve New York style pizza that actually tastes like it’s from New York: its has an exceptional crust that’s light and airy with delicious tomato sauce and toppings.

4) Tom’s Roasting Company. Very cute location with art and furniture that will make any selfie lover salivate. The coffee options are really creative. Although it wasn’t the best coffee I ever had, it was solid and the “in your friend’s backyard” decor and environment more than made up for it. It felt like a little oasis in the middle of the city.

5) Franklin’s BBQ: the classic. The legend. The line! This is one of the most famous BBQ places in Austin (if not Texas, and therefore the world). I would recommend coming here either very early in the morning or come at an “off time” like a weekday during late opening hours (1PM or so). You may run into some meats being out, but it sure beats a 2-3 hour wait time (this is the average wait during peak hours). Was it worth it? Watch the video and see 🙂


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