I’ve traveled to many cities around the globe and there’s not many that have impressed me in so many ways is Austin, Texas has. Not to offend anyone but you forget your in Texas! What brings you back to geographical reality is all the Texmex food and BBQ. Food… That’s the key to falling in love with any destination. I’ve been to some unsavory places but would go back just for the food. Austin is much more than food though, the first thing you notice is there’s no Starbucks on every corner. In fact the whole time I was in Austin I only saw two Starbucks. You will find so many cafes and coffee shops here. So many that there are some within walking distance from another. The nightlife is great! with so many bars and restaurants in their downtown area we we’re very lucky to have two amazing hosts/guides as well as the recommendations from one of our favorite social media food and drink expert The Cocktail Portal. If you’re the outdoorsy type there’s also great parks and water actives that surround and run through the city. One of the most noticeable things I loved about this city was all the public art and murals. I can’t think of a city that has more artwork than Austin. It’s featured in the first 20 seconds of the video below because it was such a beautiful thing for me to see.

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All music by DJ Quads

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