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Mining rig personal recommendations, based on what I use:

-Mining Frame (Case) –

-Motherboard (one that accepts multiple GPUs)

-Appropriate low-end CPU to match motherboard (at least 2 Cores)

-Suitable RAM sticks for your system (DDR4/DDR3?-Check which your motherboard takes!)

-Strong enough Power Supply(or two), with enough cabling to fit all GPUs

-Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs (AMD is much better suited for mining Ethereum)(4 GB of memory, or MORE, are highly recommended, as DAG files grow with time) – Great Selection of Refurbished Cards
The Card I Use For Both Gaming AND Mining – Excellent all-around and been quite future proof, for gaming/VR. Good if you want to do more than mine.

-Powered USB Risers 1x – 16x (One Per GPU)

-Solid-State Hard Drive

-Your choice of OS (ETHos, Windows (7 is commonly to be best), UBUNTU, or Linux)

-Your choice of mining software (I prefer Claymore’s Dual Miner)


A Fan (highly recommended, to reduce wear on your components)
Wattage Draw Meter (Test how much power your system draws)

A Paperclip – This will come in handy when testing your PSU, in case of errors.

Thermal Glue- Place on the CPU’s Heatsink, for better heat dissipation and reduced wattage drain.

WiFi Receiver – No long ethernet cables necessary!

DUAL PSU Starter Cabling/adapter – (If you plan on having more than one PSU, this is a must)

Obviously, you’ll want to have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard handy, as well 🙂 You won’t need anything fancy- just make sure your monitor has the proper cabling to hook into your selected GPU(s) (HDMI, Mini Display Port, DVI, etc)

HDMI Cables:

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