Lawmakers are expected to focus on issues like school finance, property tax caps and the budget.

More info on First day of Texas Legislative Session takes place in Austin

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    It will be the third and last super moon of 2019, and the first super moon during the spring equinox in 19 years.

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    Structure and operations. The Texas Legislature meets in regular session on the second Tuesday in January of each odd-numbered year. The Texas Constitution limits the regular session to 140 calendar days. The lieutenant governor, elected statewide separately from the governor, presides over the Senate, while the Speaker of the House is elected from that body by its members.

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    UNM athletics hopes to get millions from lawmakers Mar 19 - 7:01 PM . Lawmakers have tried for years to funnel money to the University of New Mexico's athletics program, but under former Gov ...

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    Welcome to the official website of Travis County, Texas. ... PACE is a voluntary program. Any owner of commercial, industrial, agricultural, or residential real property with five or more dwelling units located in Travis County will be eligible to participate in PACE financing.

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    WHITTON — David Dunagan and his wife, Lori, moved to this East Texas ranching community two years ago to escape the bright lights of Dallas, finding peace on a back patio overlooking the emptiness of rolling grasslands dotted by grazing cattle and deer.

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    Bingo. Non-profit organizations and other community groups may operate bingo games and sell pull-tabs (referred to as "Instant Bingo"), with a license from the Charitable Bingo Operations Division of the Texas Lottery Commission. Bingo sessions are limited to three per week, with a maximum prize value of $750 for a single game.

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    AUSTIN — The Texas House's $9 billion school funding plan had its first public vetting Tuesday, with school advocates and officials at odds over the pros and cons of a merit pay system partially inspired by Dallas ISD.

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    Accenture can't design or build voter registration databases. Top. While playing a major role in the Enron scandal in 2001, the accounting firm Arthur Andersen split. The consulting branch became the offshore, Bermuda-based company now known as Accenture.. Always aggressive in marketing, Accenture proposed to a number of states that it could develop the statewide voter registration databases ...

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    Teach the Vote: Where Texas Educators Find the News that Matters Most

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    EDINBURG, RGV – Access to healthcare, a Level 1 trauma center and student loan forgiveness for those studying in the medical arena are among South Texas Health System’s legislative priorities this year.

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