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“Death Metal” directed by Chris McInroy

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Chris McInroy, Austin, TX

– How long have you been making movies?
15 years

– Favorite horror film?
An American Werewolf In London

– Location where short was filmed?
Austin, TX

– Inspiration for the short?
Movies from the 80’s that have demons or satan in them. And thinking back to that time period when everything was blamed on satan. Every crime was because of a cult and metal was the music of the devil. So what if metal actually did have a tie to satan. That’s where the satanic guitar idea came from.

– Who is a filmmaker you admire?
James Wan. He’s so great at horror but also tackles other genres with ease. He seems like he likes to help up and coming filmmakers catch a break too. Which is nice.

– Why did you get into making horror movies?
Horror has always been my favorite genre and I don’t see that ever changing.

– If you could remake any horror movie, which would it be?
The Gate

– Do you have anything new you’d like to promote or do you have anything in development currently?
I have a new short film playing festivals now called We Summoned A Demon. Im in pre-pro on a short I’m writing and directing for a horror anthology called Scare Package.

– What is it about WOD that appealed to you when you joined its community?
It’s horror films!

– Website link if any?
Here’s my Vimeo:

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