Drift Team Animal style travels with their cars to Meihan Sportsland outside of Osaka, Japan to drift at the Super D Cup. This is a dream come true for Ryan Kado, Julian Jacobs and Jason Bostrom – who have wanted to drive the Meihan C Course since they started drifting over a decade ago. With them – some of the other members of Animal Style: Al Pulido and Palmer Sanderson come too. As well as D-Magic designer, Micheal Biglands. From Keep Drifting Fun: Will Roegge and Brandon Kado came equipped with cameras to document the trip.

Thank you to Yosuke Suga for the drone and GoPro footage – plus for being our truck stop – food tour guide. Thanks to Julian Jacobs, Ryan Kado, and Jason Bostrom for their hard work in bringing their personal drift cars to Meihan to drift. Plus D-Magic for making the entire event look incredible. Thanks to Al Pulido, Palmer Sanderson, and Austin Norman – for being Osaka brothel house mates. Big thanks to Yusef and everyone at Wolfreign and Stacked for their hospitality and coordination in showing us around.

Sorry this short film has taken over 8 months to release – eternally riding a wave of doubt that the video quality is actually good enough and not reaching my own personal expectations.

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