We’ve taken a few scenes from some of the short films made at MediaTech Institute over the years (in our DFP401 classes). Wonderfully fun and innovative stuff!

MediaTech Institute specializes in teaching the technical and creative aspects of modern media. Careers in Live & Recorded Music, Digital Film & TV Production, Web, Gaming, Mobile Applications and Animation & Visual Effects are all fair game for the MediaTech graduate after working through a rigorous program in the Digital Arts that is challenging, rewarding and also a lot of fun!

The MediaTech Institute School provides students with a unique combination of exceptional facilities you won’t see anywhere else, and an experienced staff that has helped us earn the reputation of providing the highest degree of education focused around hands-on experience for our students. All campus locations are working, professional studios, with real clients and real connections to the digital media and entertainment industries.

MediaTech Career College has four schools strategically located in the major creative metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas with our newest school located in Oceanside, California. 972-869-1122 http://mediatech.edu

More info on Short Film Clips from some of the movies made by students at MediaTech Institute

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    It was made by a film student Ben Aston as his graduate film at the London Film School with few other students. Crazy, unreasonable, unreal, morbid, disgusting, disturbing – might be some of your thoughts reading the title, as were mine. But this is one hell of a well-made film I’ve seen in a long time. It's up on Vimeo.

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    Besides whole-movie ESL lessons (some with Chinese annotations), many other resources including short-sequence movie ESL lessons, the Academic Word List, a comprehensive vocabulary list with more than 5000 entries, Student FAQs, and a Forum where students and teachers comment on various movies are here.

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    8 Inspirational Short Films Made By College Students. This is highlighted in films, such as the Wizard of Oz, that teaches one about loyalty and friendship or even Click, that teaches one about living in the present. Also, many inspirational moments in movies last 30 minutes or less. Taking the smaller amount of time to really transport someone may...

  • Videos about “ooglies” on Vimeo

    There are 14 videos about “ooglies” on Vimeo, ... Some new VFX work from us, including some from the BBC's OOglies and a few of the projects from my recent teaching work at Mediatech Institute. ('X-Fighter' and 'Space-Fighter'… + More details. Stop Frame Reel 2017. 03:05 ...

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    “We thought we should provide a camp, a place for people that are interested in maybe getting into film, and experiencing how movies are made in a real way. We wanted to put that together for young people. Keith explained that MediaTech Institute was eager to get involved in helping The Movie Institute with a place to hold the camp.

  • MediaTech Institute - YouTube

    The "MediaTech Minute" is a monthy web series put together by the students at MediaTech Institute. The students shoot their docs during their DFP101 class, then create the graphic open during ...

  • The BEST Videos produced by MediaTech Students - YouTube

    Short Film Clips from some of the movies made by students at MediaTech Institute by MediaTech Institute A selection of clips from some of our best short films!

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    Taste of Cherry is a great film from one of the modern masters that, as with other films on this list, presents an alternative way of making movies. One can only hope that with coming generations, the ways films are made and told will only be pushed further to its limits. 25. The Phantom Menace Review (Dir. Mike Stoklasa, 2009)

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    We all have to start somewhere. Before they conquered Hollywood, these famous directors made student films. 1. George Lucas // Freiheit The creator of Star Wars has become an industry unto himself ...

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    HHMI’s short films have won several awards, including Best Short Program at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards and First Place in the Science and Technology category at the New Media Film Festival.

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