We’ve taken a few scenes from some of the short films made at MediaTech Institute over the years (in our DFP401 classes). Wonderfully fun and innovative stuff!

MediaTech Institute specializes in teaching the technical and creative aspects of modern media. Careers in Live & Recorded Music, Digital Film & TV Production, Web, Gaming, Mobile Applications and Animation & Visual Effects are all fair game for the MediaTech graduate after working through a rigorous program in the Digital Arts that is challenging, rewarding and also a lot of fun!

The MediaTech Institute School provides students with a unique combination of exceptional facilities you won’t see anywhere else, and an experienced staff that has helped us earn the reputation of providing the highest degree of education focused around hands-on experience for our students. All campus locations are working, professional studios, with real clients and real connections to the digital media and entertainment industries.

MediaTech Career College has four schools strategically located in the major creative metropolitan areas of Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas with our newest school located in Oceanside, California. 972-869-1122 http://mediatech.edu

More info on Short Film Clips from some of the movies made by students at MediaTech Institute

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