A student, goes back to a place where he’s reminded of a person he wishes he could forget. When he hears his footstep and see’s his reflection, everything is brought cascading back.

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  • Reflect | Definition of Reflect by Merriam-Webster

    cogitated on the mysteries of nature reflect suggests unhurried consideration of something recalled to the mind. reflecting on fifty years of married life reason stresses consecutive logical thinking. able to reason brilliantly in debate speculate implies reasoning about things theoretical or problematic.

  • Reflection (physics) - Wikipedia

    If the reflecting surface is very smooth, the reflection of light that occurs is called specular or regular reflection. The laws of reflection are as follows: The incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal to the reflection surface at the point of the incidence lie in the same plane.

  • Reflecting - Effective Communication Skills | SkillsYouNeed

    Reflecting is the process of paraphrasing and restating both the feelings and words of the speaker. The purposes of reflecting are: To allow the speaker to 'hear' their own thoughts and to focus on what they say and feel.

  • Reflecting - definition of reflecting by The Free Dictionary

    In such transparent and seemingly bottomless water, reflecting the clouds, I seemed to be floating through the air as in a balloon, and their swimming impressed me as a kind of flight or hovering, as if they were a compact flock of birds passing just beneath my level on the right or left, their fins, like sails, set all around them.

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  • Reflecting Synonyms, Reflecting Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

    He scratched his ear, reflecting no doubt upon the drift of my announcement. It checked his purpose, and, reflecting this, his pace fell to an amble. Far below was the lake, reflecting sky and hills and farmsteads, all asleep.

  • Reflecting | Define Reflecting at Dictionary.com

    Reflecting, by your ostentation, upon all the ladies in the county, who do not as you do. Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9) Samuel Richardson "In fact——" She paused, reflecting, with her head to one side. Alice Adams. Booth Tarkington "The Emperor has another plan," said the policeman, after reflecting for a couple of minutes.

  • Reflecting telescope - Wikipedia

    The reflecting telescope was invented in the 17th century, by Isaac Newton, as an alternative to the refracting telescope which, at that time, was a design that suffered from severe chromatic aberration.

  • Reflecting | definition of reflecting by Medical dictionary

    reflecting [riflek′ting] a communication technique in which the listener picks up the feeling or tone of the patient's message and repeats it back to the patient. This often includes restatement of selected patient words. It encourages the patient to continue with clarifying comments. It is a means of assisting patients to better understand their own ...

  • Reflecting - Changing minds

    Reflecting what a person says to you back to them also builds rapport, creating a bond between you both. Reflecting can be used primarily for this purpose. It should always be kept in mind in any case, as poor reflection (or no reflection) can have the opposite effect. Reflecting words: Echo the words they say.

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