A short film made by students at Careerline Tech Center.

Created by Allie Riley, Ally Rogers, Austin Bonnema, & Chad Watrous
Starring Ella Gries and Jack Waalkes
Special thanks to:
Rob & Sara Ryzenga
Jim Marr
Bill Wolbrink
Briana Bossler
Carlo Coxen
Luke Ambrose
Kelly & Jacob Bonnema
Maeve OldenBrook & Louis OldenBrook
Careerline Tech Center Printing Class
Tate VanEck

More info on POLARIZED | Short film by Allie Riley, Austin Bonnema, Ally Rogers & Chad Watrous

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    Polarized objects have an electric dipole moment and will undergo torque when placed in an external electric field. To magnetize a substance so that it has the properties of a magnetic dipole, such as having a north and south pole.

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    The new portfolio is available in four ranges, including NXT Embedded with built-in tint control, NXT Varia for photo-sensor control, NXT Polarized with glare control, and NXT Polarized Valria, which combines all NXT technologies in one lens.

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