The Austin Film Project’s first official short film, premiered at Austin’s “Sekrit Theater” November 9th, 2017.

The story follows John, who in meeting the character of Debra, re-discovers he can still enjoy life after the passing of his wife.

Director/Producer: Samuel W. Sanso
Cinematographer: Matthew Levi Rowley
Story: Carly Hughes, Montana James, P. Michel Hayes II, Jared Bordeaux

Produced in Austin, TX during 2017 by Samuel W. Sanso & the Austin Film Project.

// The Austin Film Project is an outlet for film creatives to be able to participate in projects with the intention of furthering their creative work, networking and finding new opportunities. We want to establish a more present film scene by bringing together these artists, and contribute to expanding the local arts scene.

More info on Impromptu – Short Film by Austin Film Project

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