Can the spoken word be mightier than the pill? The answer is yes, but often the combination of medication and talk therapy are better. The most effective treatment combines appropriate medication symptom relief with talk therapy geared towards future resiliency. Even if considering medication is important, the idea of putting a medicine into our bodies is a medical intervention and rightly feels invasive.

At Pondworks we respect the complexity of how it feels to consider taking a medication and integrate an understanding of what it means for you in psychotherapy.

Your relationship with the provider you choose is the most important part in your mental health care. You need to feel comfortable. However, it’s also important to choose a provider who has the “active mind” of setting aside their own agenda and focus on relating and allying with your recovery and growth objectives. Active ongoing therapy training and practice are crucial to being able to establish this therapeutic relationship.

Talking about how you feel is good for you. That’s a scientific fact. Really! Talk therapy, which is known to be effective, is in part effective because of the positive sense of feeling “put together” or whole when we are heard. Put another way, when you put your experience into words, you gain clarity and momentum to change your life.

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