On a short business trip to Austin, Tx, I was in my room one evening and decided to look up haunted places. Much to my surprise there was a very haunted location that I had never heard of before just down the street from my hotel. Darn the luck!!!!!

So I stayed up all night reading about this place with an Indian Massacre and lots of unmarked graves!!! Holy cow!!! I have lived in Texas all my life and never heard about this place. What is the name of this place you ask…….Shoal Creek.

So the next day after my class I went to Shoal Creek and tried to take a few pictures and do a little EVP session. It was already pretty late so I did not get a lot of time to really investigate this place like I would have liked.

But the video is of me sitting

More info on Shoal Creek, Austin, Tx Massive souls lost-EVP session

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