Meet my biz BFF Layne Brookshire Haughee.

When Layne and I first met in October 2016, she’d been in business (Ms. Placed Professional Organizing of Austin, TX) for 6 years already.

But something just hadn’t quite clicked into place.

Since then, Layne’s undergone a total business makeover with Pro Organizer Studio. A complete rebranding of her website and overhaul on her business strategy has earned her recognition in Domino Magazine, Money magazine, The Everygirl blog and most recently, The Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room.

Layne’s massive increase in high-ticket sales, hiring a team of subcontractors, and expansion of her brand into a second city is QUITE the story, so naturally, she’s the best one to tell it…

Meet this amazing business woman and hear more about what Inspired Organizer™ has done for her confidence and the bottom line of Ms. Placed.

It’s a “before & after” worth tuning in for!

xoxo, Jen Kilbourne Obermeier

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