What are the current software trends in the drone industry? And how do you find clients for a drone software business? From VR to workflow management, you will also learn about the current software trends in different industry verticals within the drone industry.

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00:45 – What will you learn in our forthcoming in-person mapping class in Austin, TX?
03:30 – Will you be able to access recordings of the mapping class?
04:40 – Today’s question is about the use of software in drone applications
06:18 – Which are some of the popular software’s that are being used for different drone applications? We discuss tools for analytics and better workflow
07:41 – How can Ryan’s company, Dronestable help drone pilots?
07:59 – How can the Drone U community help folks like Ryan find more clients?
08:56 – Can Ryan target end users instead of drone pilots?

More info on How Do I Find Clients for My Drone Software Business?

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