Podiatrist Austin http://www.austinfootandanklecenter.com/ Heel pain is one of the most commonly seen pathologies our foot and ankle doctors treat. There are lots of factors that involve the cause of heel pain.

Common Cause of Heel Pain in the Foot.
The most popular reason one suffers from heel pain is the ‘tight heel cord’ another word for this is plantar fascistic. This is a condition where there is alot of inflammation of the band of tissue on the bottom of your foot that extends from your heels to toes.
Another popular heel pain condition is ‘bone spur’. This is a very unpleasant sharp pain in your heel.

How to remedy foot pain. First and most importantly make an appointment with a local Austin Podiatrist. The expert doctors in foot and heel pain management will diagnose properly. With a proper diagnoses – pain can be managed and many times other conditions can be ruled out.

Other heel pain causes
– fat pad atrophy
– stress fracture
– nerve impingement
– biological factors
– high heel – over use
– ankle sprain
– improper shoes

See our heel pain page for more information. and a rehabilitation exercise diagram for proper heel stretches:

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