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Here Comes the Neighborhood

Comedy / USA / 10 min.

A yuppie investor scouts real estate opportunities in an 'up and coming' part of town, where he encounters a series of begrudging locals.

Director: Michael Charron
Producer: Richard Ricks
Writer: Michael Charron
Cast: Erik Anderson,Chris Cubas, Richard Ricks, Maggie Maye, Carissa McAtee, Al Shire, Ariel Greenspoon, CJ Morgan
Mind Your Body

Sci-Fi / Germany / 23 min.

Jo is working as a trainer at the Fitness Company MIND YOUR BODY. His conciousness is slipping into the body of a customer and he is doing their sportsprogram for them. During this session Jo is not allowed to make any contact to the customer’s environment. Otherwise the exchange of consciousness could be disturbed. Dreams can originate and they are strictly forbidden in this future world. One day when Jo traines the famous Eddie he meets Ery and suddenly for him everything changes.

Director: Silke C. Engler
Producer: Petra Clemens
Writer: Silke C. Engler
Cast: Jo-Anthony Mrosek, Eddie-Alexander Hanfland

Drama / USA / 25 min.

In 2030 the 17 year old IKA and the strange girl IOX find themselves trapped in Munich's sewer system. Forced to work together, they are trying to find their way out of the underground maze.

Director: Gwendolin Stolz
Producer: Michael Krummenacher
Writer: Bernd Blaschke, Laura Schäfer
The Importance of Sex Education

Comedy / USA / 15 min.

1972, a 12-year-old girl sets out to uncover the secrets of sex ed and finds herself falling down a rabbit hole of misinformation.

Director: L. Elizabeth Powers
Producer: L. Elizabeth Powers, Christine Chen
Writer: L. Elizabeth Powers
Cast: Amber Dawn Landrum, James Harlon Palmer, Garret Kruithof, Dodie Brown

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 15 min.

Deep in the heart of the Mexican desert, human traffickers search for the disappearance of a young woman.

Director: Mark Grabianowski
Producer: Mark Grabianowski, Cole Welendorff
Writer: Mark Grabianowski
Cast: Caesar James, Johnny Rey Diaz, Diana Dorempz Campos, George Capacete, Clinton Ellege, Jesse Charles