***OPEN ME*** My first interview as a web developer was a disaster. Here’s what happened: I found an opening at a WordPress/PHP shop in Austin, TX. “I ain’t moving back to Texas,” I said to myself. The heat was just too much.

Well, as luck would have it, it was a remote job. I could eat all the Tex-Mex I wanted without fearing the heat, woohoo! I applied. The cards were already stacked against me the minute I submitted that ‘apply now’ button.

In this video, I share with you the few simple words I uttered to guarantee that I would absolutely not be getting a callback.


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* Expertly craft the ‘holy clover’ of application materials: your resume, cover letter, GitHub link, and portfolio.
* Leverage the power of LinkedIn and Meetups.
* Handle follow-up emails and phone calls.
* Handle the types of screens and interviews you may encounter along with what to expect at the interview(s).
* Reduce your vulnerabilities for discrimination (age, location, etc.)
* And much more!
The course also includes appendices with job search engines, interview question resources, and other important directories you’ll find helpful on your employment journey.


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